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New Career Goals? 3 Options for Clearing Drug Charges from Your Record

Starting in a new career is an exciting time. There may be schooling, training, and a lot of goals that you have set. Even if you have the skills and ability to achieve your career goals, some of your past mistakes could prevent you from getting the job that you want or desire. It can be hard to get past a criminal background check or explain the mistakes you have made in the past without dealing with some sort of fallout.

Thanks to different laws and options, a drug defense attorney can help clear your record and make it easier to get the job of your dreams. Your background checks will clear through and you can move onto the next career step without so many things blocking your way.

Record Expungement

One of the main ways to clear old drug charges off of your record is to hire a lawyer for record expungement. Through the expungement process, your records will either be sealed or dismissed. If they are sealed, then employers cannot access or ask about the charges during a hiring process. If they are dismissed, then the charges will not even come up during a background check and you do not have to claim that you had any charges in the past.

As you seek expungement for drug charges, there are many factors that will impact the case. One of these factors is the timing of the charges. For a lawyer, it will be easier to get the charges dismissed if you were under the age of 21 and if the drug charges were related to possession rather than the intent to sell.

A lawyer can also showcase the efforts you have made to rehabilitate and heal after the charges first occurred. This may include drug rehab programs, counseling, and the career changes that you are seeking. All of these factors will help build a strong case and give you the best chances of getting those charges removed from your record.

Misdemeanor Reductions

One of the biggest challenges when trying to get a new career is dealing with any felony drug charges that you may have. Felony drug charges could be on your record from the amount of drugs that you had, if you sold any drugs, or the type of drugs that were found on you. If a lawyer cannot get your record expunged, then one of the alternative options is to go for a misdemeanor reduction.

Having a felony charged reduced to a misdemeanor can have a huge impact on your ability to get jobs. There will be no felonies on your record and a lot of the times the misdemeanors will not even appear on your records. When you are filling out job applications, you will not have to check "Yes" on the felony charges after this process has completed. It allows you to get a fresh start and get a job with some extra confidence.

Criminal Pardons

Another process that a lawyer may seek is a full pardon for your charges and records. On the state level, pardons are typically granted by Governors. This is where the professional help of a drug defense lawyer can really come in. The lawyer can present your case, showcase dramatic changes that you have made, and represent your efforts to start a new career and eliminate the past problems that you have had. If a pardon is granted, your records will be essentially expunged. They will not be available for employers and you can move forward with your career and a clean record.

The first step in this process is setting up a consultation meeting with lawyers. Law firms like Kassel & Kassel A Group of Independent Law Offices can help lay out the process and get things going as quickly as possible.