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Getting Your Case Handled By Hiring A Skillful Bankruptcy Law Attorney

When you need to file for bankruptcy to resolve your debts, you may realize you have the right to file and handle your case on your own. However, you can also appreciate what a mistake this move might be if you lack any legal prowess or experience.

Instead, you may understand how vital it can be to retain a lawyer to represent you during the court proceedings. You may get your case handled with the professionalism and empathy you want when you hire one who practices specifically in bankruptcy law.

Advice about the Chapter

Depending on your financial and legal circumstances, you may have your choice of two main chapters of bankruptcy to file. Your bankruptcy law attorney may advise you to file a Chapter 7 if you meet certain income requirements and want most or all of your debts liquidated. He or she may advise you to file for a Chapter 13 if you want to repay your debts or have them organized into more affordable payments.

The advice your bankruptcy law attorney provides to you can guide you in making the best legal and financial decisions about your debts. You can also understand the requirements of both options and select the one that allows you to deal effectively and expediently with your creditors.

Assistance with Filing

Once you decide what kind of chapter you want to file, you can then get the legal help you need with filing your case. You may not know what paperwork has to be turned in to the court. You may not even know for sure what court — whether it be a state, county, or federal one — to which to submit your case.

Your bankruptcy law attorney will know at what court to file your case and to what county clerk to send your paperwork. Your lawyer can also make sure all of the paperwork is filed correctly and that all court fees are covered at the time of filing.

Representation during the Hearing

Finally, your bankruptcy law attorney can represent you during the trustee hearing. You may be unsure of what questions to answer or how to answer them fully. Your lawyer can make sure the questions you are asked are legal and do not violate your rights as a petitioner.

A bankruptcy law attorney can provide advice when you want to file for bankruptcy. You can get details on what chapter to file and get the case filed correctly. Your attorney can also represent you during the hearing.