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All About Sleep And Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is something any employed person is entitled to, however, many employees do not realize all that this entitles. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that half of work related injuries go unreported. This could be due to the fact that employees are either unsure that their injury can be covered by workers compensation or they are afraid that their claim will be used against them at work, which is another matter entirely because it is illegal to do this. 

One type of claim employees can make, which is probably one of the most under reported types is how a work related injury has caused a sleep disorder. Here's everything you need to know about sleep and workers compensation:

A Sleep Disorder Can be Related to a Work Related Injury:

The reason sleep disorders can be compensated for by workers compensation is because it can be directly related. If you didn't have a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea, insomnia, etc., before the disorder, then you need to talk to your doctor about how the injury you have suffered at work could've caused this. This shows you are concerned about it and getting your doctor's sign off that it is related can help your case. 

Sleep Disorders Can be Compensated Alone:

Although sleep disorders can be caused by a work related injury, they can also be caused by the work tasks themselves. For example, if you did shift-work, you could suffer from a sleep disorder as a result that could be compensated for. Sleep disorders can also be caused by the emotional strain your workplace put on you, as well. Of course, this needs to be evaluated by the correct professionals in order for you to receive compensation for it. 

​If You Think You Have a Sleep Disorder, Talk to Your Doctor:

If there is any reason to believe you have a sleep disorder, you need to talk to your doctor right away. Not only is this important for proving you have a case, but also for your own health. Sleep disorders can cause a number of other problems, especially at work where you likely expand the most amount of your energy. If you don't have it, then work performance weakens, which can lead to possibly serious problems, such as a demotion or possibly being let go. 

When you know all of this about sleep disorders and workers compensation, you can be sure that you get it addressed in the right way. Contact a firm, like Law Offices Of Timothy L Lapointe PC, for more help.