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Three Myths About Driving Under The Influence Charges

Driving a vehicle is a major responsibility, and it is important for individuals to avoid operating one of these machines when they have been drinking alcohol or ingested other substances that could inhibit their motor skills and decision-making abilities. Due to the extreme risk that this can pose to other individuals, it is illegal for individuals to operate a motor vehicle while they are intoxicated.

Myth: It Is Easy To Tell When You Have Had Too Many Drinks To Safely Drive

There are some individuals that assume it will be easy for them to know whether or not they have had too much to drink in order to safely operate a car. However, it can be surprisingly easy for individuals to be unable to effectively determine whether they are suitable to drive after they have had one or more drinks. While it is ideal for a person to completely avoid operating a car after drinking, there are some instances where it may be unavoidable. To ensure that you are under the legal limit for operating a vehicle, you should keep a portable breathalyzer test with you.

Myth: The Penalty For Driving Under The Influence Is Limited To A Fine

Misconceptions about the penalties involved with driving under the influence charges can lead some individuals to assume that they are not very serious consequences outside of paying an expensive fine. Yet, there are a number of serious consequences that individuals violating this law can face. For example, individuals will likely find that their license is suspended or revoked as a result of this type of charge. Additionally, those that have a history of repeat offenses of driving while intoxicated may find that they are sentenced to prison.

Myth: An Attorney Will Be Unable To Help You With This Charge

Regretfully, there are some individuals that are under the assumption that there is little that an attorney will be able to do to represent them in these matters. However, there are a number of ways that a defense attorney may be able to help their clients that are facing this type of criminal charge. This can include attempting to negotiate the charges down so that the penalties are lessened or directly contesting the results of the field tests. Unfortunately, some people will wait to hire an attorney until their case is well underway, and this can make it likely that they will compromise their case. To avoid this risk, individuals should retain an attorney as soon as possible to help ensure that their rights as a defendant are protected in these matters.

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