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Was Your Child Assaulted During A Sporting Event? What To Do Now

If your child was violently injured during a sporting event and the person who hurt them had malicious intent, you want to get in contact with an assault attorney to handle the case. You want to make sure that you get your child the protection that they need, and that the child or family that did this to your child doesn't get away with it. Here are some of the things that you need to do, and you need to act quickly, to make sure that the case moves along smoothly.

Get Eye Witness Information and Statements

You want to have everyone that you know that was at the sporting event to meet with your lawyer so they can make a written, verbal, or video statement about what happened to your child. It would be ideal if you could get not just the spectators to comment, but also maybe the coaches at the event, or the referee, umpire, or officiant that was making the calls during the sporting event. These statements may be used in court.

Opponent Information

The organization which the opponent played for needs to be contacted. Your lawyer will contact them to get the information of the parents of the person that assaulted your child, if they are a minor, and then they can go from there to send them notification of the charges that will be filed. If you don't know these people directly, you won't have to worry about finding them.

Medical Evidence and Records

The proof of the injury should be easy to obtain. Take the following things to your lawyer so they have the information necessary:

  • Photographs of the injury
  • Bills from the hospital
  • Statements from doctors or therapists
  • Future healthcare needs or problems because of the injury

Once you have all of the medical evidence, all you will have to do is put together a case to go against the assaulter.

The damage that could have been done to your child may have went beyond the physical pain and the physical injuries that they had to suffer from the assault. They could also be dealing with mental trauma and problems, and those are issues that could end up lasting a lifetime. If you  are worried about the medical bills and treatment that your child may need, and you deserve to be compensated for the assault that took place, you need to get a lawyer, such as from Pollack & Ball LLC.