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A Few Misleading Ideas About Posting Bail

After a person has been arrested, it is likely that the judge overseeing the case will issue an order that sets the amount of bail that will have to be posted. While bail is a common part of the legal system, most individuals will have little or no experience with it, which can lead to misunderstandings and inaccurate information.

Myth: You Must Pay The Full Value Of The Bail In Cash

The amount of the ail will likely be set seemingly very high. This is done to help ensure that the person posting the bail will be unlikely to flee before their trial. Unfortunately, most people will lack the cash available to be able to pay the full cost of the bail out of their own pocket. In these situations, the use of a bail bonding service can be indispensable for allowing those with limited financial means to post their bail.

Myth: The Defendant Will Be Released Immediately When Bail Is Paid

Individuals will often assume that a person will immediately be released once the bail has been posted. This belief is often due to the way that the bail process is portrayed in popular films and other media. However, it can take many hours before the defendant will be released from the jail. Limited staffing and high demand can result in these delays as the workers will need to follow a strict procedure for releasing detainees. Due to this reality, individuals should start the process of posting bail as quickly as possible to help ensure the defendant is able to quickly leave the jail.

Myth: Only Physical Assets Are Accepted As Collateral

Bail bonding services can be an excellent option for those that would otherwise face extreme difficulties in posting their bail. However, these bond issuers are likely to require individuals to post collateral as a way to secure their bail bond. Individuals that are needing to use a bail bonding service may be under the impression that only physical assets will be accepted as collateral. However, it is usually possible to also use financial assets as collateral. For example, some bond issuers may accept investment portfolios or other valuable assets as a collateral for the bond. Each bond issuer may have slightly different rules governing the collateral that they will accept. Therefore, you may find it necessary to check with several providers to find one that will be suitable for your particular financial situation and bail bonds needs.