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Red Light Violations: 2 Points To Argue

Red lights are an important safety measure that each driver is expected to honor. While there are some drivers who knowingly ignore red light laws, there are other drivers who are falsely accused of this violation. If you are someone within the latter group, you may have the option to fight this type of citation. Learn about some of the arguing factors you can rely on during this process. 

1. View Obstruction

While red light cameras generate a great number of red-light tickets, many of these violations are still issued by patrolling officers. As with anything that relies on human intervention, there is always the risk of error. 

For example, there might have been a tree or other object in the officer's path that prevented him or her from being able to see the exact moment in which you entered into the intersection, which means that you could have been ticketed for this offense unfairly. 

However, if you are certain that you entered the intersection at the moment the light turned yellow and you can remember details about any obstructions that might have been in the officers' path based on where they said they were parked, you might be able to argue that the officer did not have a good view of your vehicle in court. Photograph evidence from the vantage point of the officers' car looking at the intersection in question can be especially helpful.

2. Traffic Conditions 

Traffic is very important when it comes to red light tickets, as well. Consider a situation where the driver safely enters the intersection at the moment the light turns yellow. However, a sudden traffic incident on the road ahead sends traffic to a halt.

Since the driver had to slow down to maintain safety on the road, the decrease in speed prevented their vehicle from making it across the intersection before the light turned red. 

In this instance, poor judgment or driving practices are not to blame, but instead, the traffic conditions are the problem. If you received a red-light camera ticket or an officer ticketed you in this instance, you could argue that traffic conditions on the road ahead were to blame. 

Arguing a ticket in a court of law is not an easy process. Without a complete understanding of the law, it's possible to actually make things worse. It's wise to partner with an attorney who will argue your innocence for you. 

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