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How Can An OWI Lawyer Keep Your Record Clean?

If you have already been convicted of another alcohol offense, an OWI (operating while intoxicated) prosecution may result in significant penalties and perhaps prison time. However, with an OWI lawyer on your side, you have an excellent chance of beating the charges altogether, or at least significantly reduce your penalties. Here are several ways your OWI lawyer can defend against this charge.

Challenge the Toxicity Report

The first way an OWI lawyer can defend against an operating while intoxicated charge is by challenging the toxicity report. This report is based on a blood or urine test that measures the alcohol or drugs in your system. There are different ways these tests can be inaccurate, so it's important to deploy someone with experience challenging them.

Offer Credible Explanations for Physical Appearance

An experienced OWI lawyer will offer credible explanations for physical appearance and behavior attributable to other causes. For example, bloodshot eyes can be caused by allergies or other irritants. This can help create reasonable doubt, especially when you show you have a medical condition.

Call Witnesses With an Alternative Take

As soon as you have been charged with an OWI, your OWI lawyer will begin searching for witnesses who can give another account of the incident. The witnesses may be someone who saw you earlier in the night and can testify that you didn't seem to be inebriated, or they can ask someone who was in the vehicle with you and can testify that you weren't driving recklessly at the time of the incident.

Show It Is a Reaction From Legal Medication

To counter an OWI allegation, you might establish that you were under the influence of a legally prescribed substance. In the event that you were using medicinal steroids at the time of the occurrence, your attorney might utilize this to demonstrate that you were not impaired. Also, the lawyer will demonstrate how this drug might have a comparable effect to alcohol and narcotics.

Dispute You Were Not the Operator

Your attorney might attempt to show the court that you weren't the one driving the car. In certain cases, this might be done by demonstrating that another driver was present or that you were sleeping at the time.

A third option is claiming you were stopped without reasonable suspicion by the police, and thus the evidence against you should not be admitted in court.

A conviction for OWI may result in costly penalties and a blemish on your record, which can have a negative impact on your career. Because of this, you'll need the support of an experienced attorney to defend this case. Contact an OWI lawyer from a local law firm, such as Cohen Law Offices, LLC, as soon as the charges against you are read.